Never has there been a time when people have taken more photos of themselves. First there were selfies. Then there were selfie sticks. Now comes a new phase: photo booth kiosks, which we are now offering to bars and nightclubs on long term leases. The photo booth is no longer just for the employee appreciation day or holiday party. 

When it comes to marketing your bar and getting more customers, there's a delicate balance in providing genuine value and entertainment for guests, while simultaneously taking marketing efforts to a new level.  In the age of social media, our photo booths are an effective way to engage customers, retain customers and build a brand.

Why install a photo booth at your bar?

1.       Social Sharing

In a world where people share virtually everything and spend hours on their phones, patrons of your bar can take branded photos with our photo booth, sharing their experience on social media with friends and providing you with more impressions and a larger social reach.  Each photo is branded with your logo, so the customer’s followers know exactly where they’re having a great time.

2.       Email and Phone Number Acquisition

As business owners, we are all in the business of finding new customers and getting previous customers back in the door.  Most agree that it is easier to get a previous customer back into your establishment. When a customer takes a photo with our kiosk, the photos are not printed.  Your staff don’t have to worry about changing paper and ink.  Instead, the photos are digitally delivered, the customer receives the photos by entering their email address or phone number.  You retain all the email addresses and phone numbers and have the ability to remarket to these customers.

3.       Customer Experience

Beyond adding to the customer experience, when people post their photos to social, it’s an instant endorsement of your bar and shows others what they’re missing.  Patrons aren’t merely interested in just the transaction--they're looking for an experience, to connect and develop relationships. Customers have more choices than ever about where they spend their money. To differentiate from your competition and stay relevant, businesses and brands need to bring a unique, unexpected elements to their potential and current customers.  With a photo booth installed, customers are able to see and relive they fun and excitement they felt at your establishment.

Email us for more information at and we’ll see if a photo booth is right for your business.